Jewelry at Spinners Web

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a wide variety of jewelry, look no further than Spinners Web Kenya. We’ve got some of the best selection — all under one roof! You’ll find creative jewelry designs from the likes of Koki Designs, Monda Africa, Unique Eco among others.

Home Decor at Spinners Web

WELL, A NEW YEAR calls for new everything. If you’re looking for the freshest ideas in home decor, look no further than Spinners Web Kenya. We’ve got you covered with fabulous creations from Kenya Weaverbird and suppliers alike.

A new LOOK @ Spinners Web

[Peponi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya] NOW THAT NEW YEAR’S celebrations are over, we’d like to remind everyone that our building expansion has been a complete SUCCESS. By the way, we’ve even added a new kitchen which will serve delicious snacks, coffee, tea and juices. If you ever need to take a ‘break’ from it all, please … Read more

Spinners Web Kenya 2011 Launch

[Peponi Rd, Nairobi, Kenya] GREETINGS ARTS & CRAFTS lovers! We’re pleased to announce our GRAND NEW REOPENING to celebrate the launch of our NEW retail space and our top secret idea – a COFFEE SHOP. Also, a new collection will be launched! Date: Saturday 19th November 2011 Time: 9:30am to 5:30pm Note:  Discounts galore…10% off … Read more

2011 Building Expansion

[Nairobi, Kenya] Well folks, we’ve finally done it!! Spinners Web Kenya has expanded in a big way. If you think we’re kidding around, then take a peek at these beautiful expansion pics. 2011 Building Expansion Photo Album (view all album pics) FB-Album[268026676542235,24]