Niro Collection

NIRO COLLECTION – Products designed to color your world!
Everyone has a unique style that reflects their values, aspirations and experiences. Through Niro, I strive to connect with those who share a passion for contemporary African art and design using Kisii Soapstone and other Kenyan Materials. At Niro, you’ll find the brightest products that are designed with the freshest colors and creative designs for everyday living and sharing.

The design process is inspired by nature, color and form. After the initial concepts are finalized the Soapstone is then cut and shaped. Once shaped, the piece is then hand sanded, washed and sun dried. From this stage, the piece is ready to receive tint and pattern, which is a process with several many stages, starting with several coats of non-toxic dye and a very discerning eye followed by the incision of intricate patterns and design onto the stone. This whole process is done by hand to achieve the signature Niro look.

* Note: Regarding signature: Please look for NIRO product authenticity signature at the bottom of each product.
* Note 2: Because all our products are 100% handmade, slight variations in shape, colors, tints and prints are not unusual.

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For more information, comments or questions on our products, please contact us via the following info.

Jacinta Kioko Mwaura (Product Designer)
P.O. Box 30951-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.
Mobile: +254 721 380 245
Tel: +254 020 238 9534