Aranibar Designs at Karibu Fair in Arusha, Tanzania

[Arusha, Tanzania]
WE’RE PLEASED to announce that one of our main vendors at Spinners Web, Aranibar Designs, will be showcasing their fabulous handmade leather and wood products at the Karibu Fair right here in beautiful Arusha. By the way, Arusha is home to Mount Meru, which is considered Kilimajaro’s little sister. This picturesque mountain dominates Arusha’s landscape.

If you’re in the vicinity, PLEASE drop by and say hello to Fanny and company.

More info:

  • Dates: June 4th, 5th & 6th
  • Suppliers Area – Tent SE-6
  • Karibu Fair photo gallery
  • Contact: 0784-660501

1 thought on “Aranibar Designs at Karibu Fair in Arusha, Tanzania”

  1. While in Tanzania in July I purchased some lovely merchadise. I was wondering if I can order more products online to be shipped to the U.S.?
    Thank you or your response,
    Karen Avedisian

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