Spinners Web Newsletter September 2010

Happy September! I’m sure that those of you with school-age children are looking forward to a return to ‘normal’ schedules! Attached is our September newsletter – we continue our “Celebration of National Days” – be sure to look for your country’s flag to see when you get your discount! Congratulations to yet another winner of … Read more

Spinners Web Newsletter August 2010

Brr! It is cold out – but things are heating up at Spinners Web Kenya! Attached is our August newsletter. Have a look to see if you see your country’s flag there for your special discount day! Come visit us and see our expansion! Cheers, Barb Petty Manager

Spinners Web Newsletter July 2010

WELL, WE’RE now in July and the weather’s looking great – so far – with bright sunny days. On another positive note, it’s with great pleasure that we  announce the issue of our  July newsletter. Be sure to look for your country’s flag to see our specials!! See you soon in our one-stop shop!

Spinners Web Newsletter June 2010

We’re pleased to release our June newsletter. This month we celebrate fathers, so do come in and have a look at all the incredible new products. Lots of exciting things are happening at Spinners Web these days! We look forward to your visit!

Spinners Web Newsletter May 2010

HERE’S WISHING all mothers out there a terrific Mother’s Day. We know this world wouldn’t be the same without mothers and all the sacrifices they make. Need ideas for a Mother’s Day gift? How about a beautifully framed picture that captures the essence of Kenya’s stoic women, a wall hanging, candles, jewelry, or hand-engraved glassware?