Spinners Web Newsletter February 2011

The question we get asked more often than any other these days is . . . “Is the construction done?” And – the answer is — almost! It’s so close to being done that we can taste it! We’ll be sure to let you know just as soon as you can come explore not only … Read more

Spinners Web Newsletter January 2011

Happy New Year! We hope that you had a festive holiday season and that you are adapting well getting back into your regular routine. I have just come back from three weeks away, having spent Christmas in Canada with family that I hadn’t seen in over two and a half years! Have a look at … Read more

Spinners Web Newsletter December 2010

Merry Christmas! We want to take this opportunity to extend our warmest wishes for the holiday season. We expect that we will see many of you in here on our National Days (particularly the Kenyans on Dec 12!). Attached is our newsletter for this month – look for your flag, and come in on your … Read more

Spinners Web Newsletter November 2010

No matter what ‘holiday’ you are celebrating, come and see us for all your gift-giving needs! Our gift registry extends to beyond weddings – you can register for any occasion, so that when people want to buy things for you, just send them to us, and we can show them those items that you have … Read more

Christmas in October flyer

As the Xmas holidays slowly creep up on us, we decided to get a jump on things here at SWK. Please take a peek at our “Christmas in October” flyer (PDF format). Don’t forget to share the link. * View in Google Viewer PS: If you need to quickly view PDF files, please use the … Read more

Spinners Web Newsletter October 2010

Greetings! Attached is our October newsletter, and as you can see, we’re celebrating Christmas in October! Come out and join us on October 24 – there will be demonstrations of some of the arts and crafts actually being made; you can try your hand at pottery. Specials from major suppliers, raffles, and more! For those … Read more