Spinners Web Newsletter October 2010

Greetings! Attached is our October newsletter, and as you can see, we’re celebrating Christmas in October!

Come out and join us on October 24 – there will be demonstrations of some of the arts and crafts actually being made; you can try your hand at pottery. Specials from major suppliers, raffles, and more! For those of you who need to send your gifts abroad, it is recommended that you post them by early November so that they get to their destinations on time . . . this will allow you to get done early, and sit back and relax!

We also continue with our celebration of National Days – China, Cyprus, Nigeria, Germany, Uganda, Spain Zambia, Austria, and Turkey have their special days this month.

Construction of our new facilities continues. Check out the expanded list of vendors in the newsletter!

We look forward to seeing you!
On behalf of the team here at Spinners Web,

– Barb Petty

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  1. You had a book on Africa will early photos and more current photos. Can you give me the title? Seems like it had “within” in it. Thanks Glenn

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