Christmas in October Winners

Folks, here are the winners of the raffle prizes from last Sunday’s “Christmas in October” event:

  • High Fashion Calabash donated by Sunny Nakuru – won by Vivianne Ngugi
  • Photo Frame made of laminated coconut fibre donated by Art Coco – won by Satu Seppala
  • Hippo carved from recycled flip flops donated by UniquEco – won by Anne Sophie
  • Soapstone candle donated by Niro Collection – won by Vicki
  • Soapstone candle donated by Niro Collection – won by Catherine Fellows
  • Wall hanging donated by Kenya Weaverbird – won by Rosaria Cacace
  • Pashmina from The Maisha Collective donated by Spinners Web Kenya – won by Irene Prior
  • Handmade pottery bowl donated by Kinanda Pottery – won by Simone Usland
  • Photo Album donated by Inside the Baobab – won by Kellie Leeson
  • Embossed Leather Tray donated by Aranibar – won by Mikaela H. Wold

Congrats to all our winners!!

Barb Petty

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