New Vendors Added to the Website

MANY THANKS go out to those vendors who submitted web content for us to upload right here on our new website. They include:

To all of our other vendors: “Please send in your one page of content!” The sooner you do this, the more eyes will peek your fabulous wares via cyber space. Advantage: YOU.

*** UPDATES ***
Saangapi – creators of handmade African clocks – added June 3, 2010
* Kowil Women & Orphan Self Help Group (KWOSH) – added June 6, 2010
* Art Coco – cool lampshades and furniture from coconut palms in Kenya – added July 1, 2010

4 thoughts on “New Vendors Added to the Website”

  1. I’m coming to Nairobi Aug/Sept of this year. You advertise that you have some 200 vendors. I keep looking at your web-site however no more vendors have been added since March. What’s happening. Sure would like to take a peek at additional vendors.

    Thanks, Kerry

  2. Jambo Kerry!!
    We keep waiting for new profiles from our many vendors. As Leonardo Di Capprio said in the movie, Blood Diamonds, “TIA” — “this is Africa.” 🙂

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